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Mr.David Wickramaratne

The Wickramaratne Group of Companies is not an Organization which sprung on roses. It had its own harder beginning and tales of hardships. A man from the South of Sri Lanka ventured to take on new challenges in the big city of Colombo.

The Founder of this Organization which has now reached its highest level of prestige was late Mr. David Wickramaratne. He came to Colombo with a few coppers in his pocket in year 1949 and joined his uncle late Mr. H.G.P. Methiyas Silva as his Assistant at the St. Johns Vegetable Market. He along with two friends started the Janatha Suppliers partnership which included the Janatha Restaurant in year 1960. Later he commenced his own business under the name Wickramaratnes in year 1965 at Gas Works Street, presently the Bodhiraja Mawatha, at the heart of Colombo where the business activities are centrally located.ry.

Mr.Nevil Rohan Wickramaratne

From humble beginnings, as a provider of food supplies to the Sri Lankan Armed Forces in the 1960’s late Mr. David Wickramaratne, sourced food items directly from domestic farmers, stored them in rented warehouses and cold rooms and drove the supplies himself to the Army Camps. The unique feature here was his helping the farmer from whom he made purchases directly without the intervention of a middle man by passing the benefit to the farmer.

From being that humble supplier of food items, today the enterprise he pioneered has grown to be a large Group with six subsidiary Companies spanning construction to agriculture. The Group has evolved into a family concern of a conglomerate with a strong commitment towards its suppliers and partners, i.e., the Sri Lankan Government, multinational Corporations, and countless small and medium scale private enterprises.

Meet the W47 Management

The Company has always maintained its family roots as can be seen in the management structure of the Company. Upon the passing away of Mr. David Wickramaratne, his eldest son Mr. Neville Wickramaratne took the reins of running the Company. After ten years as Managing Director of the Company Mr. Nevil Wickramaratne passed away and his brother, Mr. C J Wickramaratne took over and currently holds the position of Deputy Chairman. Mr. Madura Wickramaratne, brother of Mr. C J Wickramaratne is the Managing Director. Their mother, the wife of late founder, Mrs. Nanda Wickramaratne, is the Company’s Chairperson and her three daughters are also Directors of the group. This is a blessing to the two sons in the highest degree.

At the Wickramaratne Group, employees are seen as the key to the organisation’s success. Its Directors understand the importance of caring for those who work for them and are looked after all their basic needs. An environment of openness is fostered at all of the Group’s subsidiaries and, employees are encouraged to seek assistance of their Managers in times of need, this extends to be in both on a professional or at personal level.


Mrs. M H N Wickramaratne



Mr. C J Wickramaratne

Deputy Chairman


Mr. Madura Wickramaratne

Managing Director


Mr. Janaka Jayadinu